On-Stage ASFSS6GB Dual Screen Pop Blocker

The ASFSS6-GB Dual-Screen Pop Blocker is a pop filter that removes unwanted "P" and "B" plosives by providing open space between the two screens. The first screen diffuses the air burst that causes plosive consonants; the open space between the screens disperses air pressure; and the second screen diffuses the air again and removes remaining plosive sounds. The 11.5" gooseneck allows for precise positioning of the Pop Blocker without making noise.

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  • 6" dual pop filter suppresses P's, B's and breath noise

  • Improves Vocal Recordings

  • Helps protect microphone from moisture

  • Dual micro-weave black nylon diffusers

  • C-clamp fits most standard mic shafts

  • 11.5" Gooseneck

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